Chronus Information Widgets

Our Privacy Policy

We do not collect, nor do we share any Private information of our users. The information Chronus uses is exclusively limited to displaying the appropriate content in the placed Widgets on the configured device.

The OAUTH scopes we may use

Tasks API (.../auth/tasks) - Create, edit, organize, and delete all your tasks:Chronus includes a optional 'Tasks Widget' that allows the user to display, create and edit their Google Tasks and Task lists. Tasks functionality is also integrated into the Chronus's 'Calendar widgets', allowing for the display, creation or editing of the user's Google Tasks with a due date.

The data is used only for display and management purposes within the widget. The user's data is stored on the authenticated device only, and not shared or used for any other purposes other than what is stated above.

You can watch a video demonstrating it's use on YouTube

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